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On My Way To Being My True Self

There is a moment in our life when we decide to really transform things around us: our thoughts, our environment, friends, even our career if we are convinced it isn’t our professional area. Which is a good thing!

But the journey to reach our true self can be really hard, Laura Marie, a speaker and self development blogger said that we are responsible for making our own reality, I don’t know why some of us create a reality where we are slaves to unhappy relationships? I think it’s because we are attached to the myth of being a good person, we don’t want to hurt others but others hurt us. We want to be at peace with people around us, but we only attract drama. It can be so tiring, we ask ourselves “Why can’t I be my true self and live a peaceful life?”

From childhood to adulthood – People told us how to be and how to act – and we never asked ourselves how we feel or who we truly are.

Sometimes, people are only here to help us realize how we treat ourselves, when they disrespect us – it may mean there is something inside us that allowed them to disrespect us. It can be hard to admit, but it makes sense. When we see ourselves as the people we are, we don’t allow negativity to steal our joy and peace. I believe there are no good and bad people, but only people that have suffered or are still suffering in their souls.

The activity of our souls is to register all things that people did or have said to us since we were put on this earth and sometimes it hurts a lot. Especially if they have come from family or friends. Since we can’t ignore them – we should let them know how we feel.

Finding our true self is the best way to be happy in our life…

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Author: Christ Ngoma
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