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Ways To Keep Our Homes Fresh And Fragrant

Quite often we can find ourselves spending a lot more time in our homes than we hope, this has certainly been true for the majority of us this year, and there are many reasons for this, illness, working from home, or even just lifestyle choices that lead us to become homebodies rather than going out and socialising often. But when it comes to enjoying our home life we need to think carefully about the different aspects of our homes that help it feel fresh and fragrant during the time that we spend in them.

Air Quality

During the summer months we tend to find it much easier to keep our homes well ventilated, and our windows wide open to make sure that the air stays cool and fresh. But as the darker colder months set in we can find ourselves in an enclosed space with not a lot of ventilation. Unfortunately, if any damp gets into the environment it can cause health problems, and mould.

This is where we need to consider professional help from companies such as RTK environmental. Air quality and good health are closely linked, and an environmental testing service can help you find any possible problems related to this and fix them quickly.


Spraying an air freshener here and there is only going to mask a problem, and doesn’t get into the root cause, this is why many people are choosing to purify the air, and use natural products to help eliminate odours. Going back to basics and putting a lemon in the refrigerator, or spray and lavender water on bedding are becoming much more popular ways to produce a fresh and fragrant home. Ensuring that you have the best filters in your vacuum, and that you are taking good care of your food recycling routine, are also good ideas to ensure a lovely fragrant home. 

Cleaning Products

The cleaning products that we use around our home can quickly change the overall freshness and also improve or potentially alter the fragrance of our home. Cleaning products now come in a range of fragrances, and what is offensive to one person will be pleasant to the next, so trying out different options and choosing your favourite always means that you will feel happy with how your home smells.

However in more recent times cleaning products have come up with some lovely new fragrances such as mint and lemon, or orange and cinnamon. Although we must remember that some people really love the scent of a home that has been cleaned from top to bottom with bleach, and that’s not a bad thing, it’s all about personal preference.

So during your weekly housework day, make sure you open the windows wide, have a fragrance that you love on hand, and that you have professionals on hand to check on the overall health of your air quality when needed. This way you will find you have a fresh and fragrant home that you enjoy see spending time in.

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