Ways To Keep Your Home Smelling Great Without Harmful Chemicals

Have you ever walked into someone’s home and thought, “Wow, this house smells amazing”? Maybe it had an invigorating scent of lemon or a calming scent of lavender. Now you make it your mission to get your own home smelling lovely. Before you run out to the nearest store to buy a bunch of air freshener sprays, be warned that many of them contain toxic chemicals that can stimulate or exacerbate health conditions. Most scented plug ins, wax melts and air fresheners sold in stores contain artificial fragrance that may trigger allergies or asthma. Fortunately, there are ways to make your home smell great without the toxic chemicals. Give these ideas a try and let me know which is your favorite.

Light a beeswax candle

Candles come in all shapes and scents. Instead of the regular paraffin candle, switch to a soy or beeswax candle. For the cleanest burn, beeswax candles are the ones to go for. They naturally emit a warm honey scent when burned, which eliminates the need to add additional fragrance. From being all natural to producing negative ions that help neutralize pollutants in the air, beeswax candles are the bee’s knees (pun intended). Soy candles burn cleaner than paraffin but may still contain paraffin wax and usually have artificial dyes and fragrances added.

Diffuse essential oils in an electric diffuser

Add water, a few drops of your favorite essential oil and plug in the diffuser. Then, sit back and let the wonderful aroma fill your space. If you haven’t heard of essential oils or don’t know the amazing benefits it can have, I urge you to read up on them. In essence, essential oils are compounds extracted from plants and there has been evidence that it can help lift moods or to help with stress relief.

Room/fabric spray

Make a simple DIY scented room or fabric spray using essential oils. There are many recipes online that use only a few ingredients. Mix the ingredients together into a spray bottle and spritz it around your house or on fabric items such as the couch. The best part is that you get to customize the scents till you achieve the smell you love.

Bring some green in

Houseplants are a wonderful way to clean the air in your home naturally. I personally love having plants indoors because they lift my mood but knowing that they also help clean the air inside is a such a great added bonus. While houseplants alone may not necessarily make your home smell great, they are effective in doing an important duty of filtering certain harmful chemicals in the air. Many household items such as carpets, adhesives and paint are hidden sources of indoor air pollution. The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) did a study and put together a list of the most effectiveness plants that help to purify the air, which include the Boston Fern, English Ivy, and the Spider Plant.


Author: Chloe Lim
Email: cherowee@gmail.com




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