We Are Cosmic Web Weavers

We are all weaving a web together.

I have come to know this beautiful life resembles the same beauty as a spider web. There is an intricate web in which we are all entangled as human beings. The microcosm and macrocosm of existence are all one. We are each undoubtedly working towards a common goal of remembering our inner power so we may work together in a more cohesive world. For some, this is an unconscious act of change.

And then there is the individual webs that we weave and change direction with each and every decision we make. Our web contains no wrong turns or mistakes. And there are always alternative paths. We get a choice to shift our perception of what endings mean to us. They can be perceived as new beginnings in which we learn to take deeper breaths.

When the spider’s web is destroyed by rain or wind, she begins weaving her micro- cosmic universe without blaming outside circumstances for its destruction. Nature is our teacher for the life/death cycle of life.

We began our web at birth when our mothers pushed us towards our experience. With each breath, word, action, and choice we took – we began weaving our lives. Each web is as unique as the soul who created it. Just like a human fingerprint.

When this concept began to become clear to me, I was deep in healing with a lover whose web was intertwining with mine. His path and mine crossed to pull out wounds, old beliefs, and ideas that no longer served who I had grown into becoming. The same was being mirrored back to him as well.

Our energies were a match and sometimes this alignment isn’t what you thought you were putting out into the world. With each truth we shared and the steps we took, our realities shifted. We began unwinding our entangled webs the more we were able to see and speak what we each wanted our paths to diverge into becoming.

Probable realities, revelations, and moments of clarity awakened new ideas and truths.  Leaving patterns and cycles can be extremely painful. But to live a life through the creation of our own sacred webs of beauty means we must feel our own power as an individual first. Life was showing me through contrast what my soul desired.

And with those desires, there is the letting go of what is not aligned with our truth. This part is the hardest liberation we may experience. Letting go of someone you love and entangled your web into, can feel like you are removing one finger at a time from their skin. It can feel as if time has stopped.

You stand still in shock and wonder, how did I get here into this moment of pain? And will the burning in my heart ever go away?

The deeper we choose to go down the rabbit hole of clarity, the lessons deepen as well. As the love within intensifies, so does the need for separation from attachment. This is the beautiful duality in which our web sits within. Contrast births new desires and clarity but soon asks us to let go of something. Otherwise what we are wanting to take its place has no room in our newly forming web.

The most obvious lesson that may be presented is the more expansion we desire, the more we must let go of what was, what we thought we wanted, or how we thought the outcome would look.  A deep understanding I am personally now aware of is that attachment leads to suffering. Expectation can lead to resentment and anger. And trying to deny the many directions that our own web can take us, can cause self-abandonment.

This beautiful life is never-ending. We create multiple realities through our web of desire. We will always want more because we will always want growth. We can shift, move, and jump from one web to the next. There are many webs to choose from in this life.

But I would like to share a few perceptions of what I have witnessed that our minds create through our own awareness.

The 3 Dimensional Perception

There is a vision of what I expect to occur. The outcome I see should come to life when I meet someone, open the door of a new desire and trust it will manifest as I see it exactly. I see the adventures, intimacy, and love that is ever-evolving play in my mind like a movie. I am creating a world of what I crave from lack.

But, this may not be the lesson. The person or opportunity may have come for a short time to help healing occur and shake us to our core. Our power arises from these encounters.  A power well earned after walking through the pain.

The 4 Dimensional Perception

In this space of higher thinking, I remember that each moment of connection and love is a gift. I become aware that the only person that belongs to me is this body of flesh I chose for this life. Nothing outside of my being can give me true happiness if I can not give it to myself first. In this state, I understand that anyone I love is my mirror in some form. And I have an opportunity to show myself and the world the most beautiful kind of love. The love of non-attachment. The liberating act of letting someone beloved and free is a step into a higher dimension where the ego has no control or power.

I witness each one of us and myself swaying in and out of these realities. From pain to bliss and back again. From the memories of all, I am grateful for and then back into unwanted thoughts from the past where shadows try to keep our mind spinning. It is a daily practice of self-soothing we must learn to master. Our bodies and emotions feel as though they are the creators of our web. This is all an illusion.

This beautiful web that we weave has more layers than our human mind can even comprehend. When our hearts are breaking and we forget to breathe, it is never as bad as we feel it to be. Time will heal our open cracks. There is always a light wanting to come into our wounds. When our bodies get sick and begin to send us messages, there is always a cure. We are then being asked to listen. To be willing to change, let go and move forward.

When we feel like we are losing someone, it is because we are losing ourselves amidst the illusion of pain. Our highest selves and knowing won’t go with us to the pity party. The discomfort we feel is when we are losing alignment with ourselves.

Our web is going to continue to be created. We are all web weavers, love-seekers, and masters of manifesting. So go on, create that magical, glistening web you desire for yourself. Be seen, be heard, be vulnerable, be unapologetic with the medicine you are here to give the world. And remember at anytime a new web can be created by your own magnificence.

Britt Johnson

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by magicbritt

Britt Johnson is an evolutionary astrologer, writer, shadow worker, ascension guide and community creator. She assists individuals through subconscious programming, repetitive patterns and traumas created during their lifetime with the help of their astrological blueprint & shadow work techniques.

Britt is a Women's Health Consultant. She is a guide and mirror for women to move back towards their own inner wisdom, sexual expression, autonomy and intuitive gifts. Womb healing and conscious single parenting are areas of lived experience and expertise.

Britt has a gift of deeply connecting with individuals through emotional intelligence, intuitive capabilities, and through their astrological chart so they may shift their awareness & shift beyond past stories.


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