we had a life

the sound of the drums 

made my mother shake her musical hips

I hopped on my father’s feet

as he stomped to the beat


the heat of the sun

smooched our skin

the laughter of the children

paraded in our ears.


the straw-colored men

ate our foods

and clapped along 

to our dance.


they led us to a wooden

thing that sat on top of the water

where they promised

us to treasures of all kind.


the lightning smacked the sky

the thunder stomped above


they clamped chains

on our wrists

and stacked our bodies

on top of each other


we became cargo in an instant

our names were extinct

my skin branded with disgust

and my God was absent


we were doing just fine until they came along. 

by kirabee12


I'm Kira, I'm a senior in college and I am anxiously waiting for graduation. In the past 4 years, I have developed a passion for social activism & self-advocacy. Although I may be one person, I believe that one voice can echo into the ears of others; it is very important to talk about social justice issues because we all live in this world and this is the only life we have.

I have also learned the importance of myself. I may be my biggest fan, my best friend, one of my greatest loves, and even my own enemy. In this journey, I have not only wanted to help develop my sense of self but others as well.

My purpose in my life is to ultimately, help people create their own stories.

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