Black Women

You see me
Standing tall
But I grew out of a field of bad women
Like sunflowers
Rain only made them more beautiful
Balancing the world on their shoulders
With grace
Amazing grace
Our sounds are sweet
The queens that raised me
Saved me
They gave me the wisdoms
To maneuver in a world
That abuses it treasures
And mistake gems for stones
Oh, when will they admit their wrongs?
Either way I’m stepping like I own this
Paying respect to the black hands that built it
My hips and fro sway in the wind
The pride and boldness lure them in
We’ve always had magic
Where you been?


by brittneyjeff

I am a poet and artist from North Carolina. My poetry speaks to self- love, social justice and journeying through the ups and downs of life. I am currently working on a poetry project, but also feel
inspired to write children’s stories, create music and encourage others to make their dreams a reality.

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