Webster’s Dictionary Defines Trump

our chants go unheard, misconstrued and reworded
to benefit those who fear a life without the lines being blurred

elected head of a country but claims we have “no place for hate”
yet our foundation of immigrants is slowly vanishing and you constantly discriminate

my people have formed an alliance because we need to not only be seen but heard
a hateful bunch of imbeciles encouraging police brutality now feel undeterred

I fear the fate of this country leads to a sorrowful ending
the true colors of those who support you and their presence is unwelcoming

America weeps internally, her painful cries for help are drowned out by the substantial amount of mass shootings
your pride remains intact, and smile zipped as long as the opposing team is brooding

we will remain hopeful for what could be
because you won’t uphold this facade and the nation will soon witness the act and be set free

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by Dajha Diaries

I spend my leisure time reading romance novels and writing self-help mantras. My intentions were pure from the start, pursue my passion for writing. Whether or not I would share my gift with the world has always been something I challenged. After losing my side hustle as a contributing writer in NYC, I decided to create my own blog. Through many trials and tribulations, I struggled with finding the motivation to write again. Many years later, I came across this platform arbitrarily on a Sunday morning. I suddenly felt hopeful again. This will be my big break. I hope my words touch you, in the ways, words have healed me.


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