Welcome 2018

“Baby, it’s so cold outside!”

I entered 2018 with big thoughts, an open heart and the certainty that everything will be exactly as I want it for this year. Even though it’s freezing outside and the winter is cold, I know a few tricks which will help anyone feel warmer. We should never forget that the warmth comes from inside, therefore everything can change the mindset you have.

I look behind and I see a year full of successes with big accomplishments, so I hope for you dear reader that the situation is the same. Be proud of everything you have managed to do in 2017 and don’t forget to be good in any circumstance.

What a year of emotions and hard work 2017 has been for me! This was the year I decided to travel more often, share my stories with you, dear reader, admitted that I have made mistakes, forgave people, laughed, so I didn’t need to cry, and I met a lot of new wonderful people, which became my friends and an inspirational source.

I am happy and thankful for everything I have until now, the beauty of life and the fact that I am the luckiest woman on the planet because I have the support of my family and friends.

Dear reader, stay close to your loved ones. I am writing this, on my couch with my boyfriend, while looking outside at this wintry weather, but I feel warm here. I have my little spot while looking forward to this new year and I was just thinking; you should have one too, where you drink your hot chocolate or that amazing tea you bought last year!

Myself, I prefer tea, because I feel refreshed, with a bit of milk and some cinnamon, everything is just perfect. But of course, I will never say NO to a hot mug of chocolate with whip cream on top.

Whatever happens, just add a crispy biscuit and a great book, one of those you downloaded on your Kindle in 2017. The perfect combination comes with the perfect decorations, so it’s up to you if you want to spend this time alone meditating, or playing board games together with your closest friends.

Don’t forget dear reader, a lot of layers of clothing, gloves, comforter and the fluffy socks made by Grandma. Yes, yes, I am serious about this, just use those wool socks and large sweaters, some leggings under your pants and a hat with a big fringe. It might sound weird, but it will definitely feel cozy, I am telling you! Please, just consider that you can do whatever you want as long as you do it with a lot of style and style means courage, it means diversity and playful combinations, asymmetries which life is filled with.

I hope dear reader, that your winter is going to be as magical as mine is, and my advice to you at the beginning of the year is to do whatever you want as long as it is something you like, and with regards to the rest of the things…just let them be, someone else will take care of them, just until you relax! Don’t forget to love everything that surrounds you, to experiment as much as possible and last but not the least, break the everyday monotony! For me 2018 comes with a lot of energy, a lot of work and a lot of improvements, all of these with hardly any effort once you learn to do all this out of pleasure!

Author: Gabriela
Email: iamfoodietraveler@gmail.com
Author Bio: Gabriela is a longtime expat and traveler, food lover and a constant day-dreamer and who is very keen to share her stories about traveling and exploring our beautiful planet. She is the voice behind “I am Foodie Traveler”, a collection of stories and impressions from her wanderings around the world. Relatively new the blogosphere, but very passionate about traveling and storytelling, she wants to inspire others to travel and see the world with their own eyes. You can read her work at I am Foodie Traveler or get in touch with her on Facebook or Instagram and watch her adventures on YouTube.
Link to social media or website: https://gabrielateisu.com

by Gabriela

A longtime expat and traveler, a food lover and a constant day-dreamer.


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