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What Aides You in Bed: Valerian vs Melatonin

Valerian is the best sleep aide. However, some say melatonin reigns as the supreme aide. And others believe that a better night of rest requires no supplements be ingested at all.
Valerian ingested thirty minutes before bedtime will guarantee the Sandman will arrive at a decent hour. The herb is incredibly accesible and highly effective in multiple forms. Though it is popularly taken via capsule, imbibing valerian tea is just as if not more effective– if you don’t mind its distinctive aroma.
Though valerian is effective some consider the aromatic aide to subpar to the odorless melatonin. Not only is it unnecessary to stomach a stench, the synthetic hormone is just as readily available and even more popular, finding its way into gums, mints, and novelty relaxation beverages.
Though melatonin may be more popular and just as effective in instigating sleep as valerian, it cannot beat the herb when it comes what really matters: how one feels in the morning. Both aides may get you some shuteye, but unlike valerian, melatonin increases irritability upon awaking. Additionally, melatonin is used primarily to ease jetlag or shift- sleep adjustments whereas valerian can be used for these ailments and for general sleeplessness and to soothe anxiety. And if it’s the kind of thing that matters to you, valerian occurs organically; sure you could create melatonin in your lab, but it may be easier to plant valerian along your garden.
In the end, the choice is yours. But unless your sleeplessness is purely environmental, a couple valerian capsules accompanied by a glass of water post-screentime is your best guide to dreamland.

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