What did Rick do when Ilsa walked away?

Come over, lover

crash into me like a first-time buzz

we’ll close the shades

block out the sounds of the world ending

pretend it’s just rain on a runway


don’t say goodbye when we’re 100 seconds to midnight

watch casablanca for the first time with me

we can turn it off before love walks away


i will try not to cry between orgasms

will try to breathe

play it again


as time goes by

instruct me on how to love you thoroughly

teach me over and over again

paris will wait

by B. Rettenberger

A burlesque-dancing, poetry loving, career-minded babe nestled next to the mountains that she’s grown up climbing. Loves chocolate, wine, and anything else that will elicit a moan. Believes in sipping whiskey after a hard day and fawning over every animal she meets. Feels weird talking in third person, but loves writing fake epitaphs on the various ways she could perish doing wild things she only dreams about

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