What Do You See?



I thought that’s what you saw, looking at me

I wondered if you saw through my straight face and serious eyes

To the part that stays far inside

Covered up in masked confidence and silence

I wondered if you could tell who I really am

Underneath the shades of black and words, I say to appear wise

To the pieces, large and small, that are not confident at all

I wonder how you think of me and belong

Do you see I don’t belong; Do you see I am alone?

Or. Do you see what I want you to see? Masked confidence and fancy words. Covering up the pieces. Of deep fear. That I will never let you see.

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by brittanymurray

I am many things: a friend, aunt, sister, divorcee, now wife, want to be mother, recovering alcoholic. My voice and writing comes from my pain and joy, and is deeply influenced by my experience as a Licensed Mental Health Counselor. I currently reside and am a Seattle native.


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