What Growth Looks Like

Change although terrifying

Now lives at the edge of my bed every morning, coddles me, holds me captive in its arms like a lover or a friend, and reminds me that I don’t have to remain the woman I was five years ago.

Reminds me that’s I no longer have to exude the same characteristics of the woman I was yesterday.

Instead, I am capable of giving birth to a woman who is more confident,

Or maybe more assertive,

Or maybe overall more woman than I once was.

Do you know what that’s like?

To be able to give birth to yourself and the world around you?

I do.

My becoming was not easy.

Stepping into this woman was not easy.

I have sacrificed

My old self to be here

Friendships to be here.

Love to be here.

There is not a step that I regret.

I am thankful for my journey.

And physically my body has adjusted to the life I have grown to live.

We are not translating anymore my body and me.

We are solely communicating with those who can comprehend our love language.

Here’s to becoming a woman.

Here’s to change.


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by MoryeJ

Wellness Coach

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