What I Write About When I Don’t Write About You

I write about airports and making a home out of them.

I write about distance and how it is the only steady thing in my life and how it isn’t.

I write about time and never having enough of it.

I write about packing, about fitting my entire life into a small suitcase and always forgetting things, sometimes people.

I write about friendships and how they can turn sour over time, like left out milk.

I write about rage; the kind of rage that makes me want to go up in flames.


I write about the sun and the moon and how they always miss each other.

I write about the first snow of the year and a forgotten cup of cold tea in the kitchen.

I write about vanilla ice cream and hurricanes that tear down whole cities but not me, never me.


I write about the darkness inside each one of us and about the people who bring the light out of us.

I write about the way people’s eyes sparkle when they talk about the things they love.


I write about intangible things.

I write about turning people over like the pages of a book, trying to read them and failing because everyone has their own language.

I write about rushing to the phone every time someone calls or texts.

I write about the feeling you get when you are reunited with a loved one after a long time.

I write about soft things, like the smell of summer rain.

I write about following my dreams and living my own life.


I write love letters to past lovers and to future ones.


I fill pages with curses about my body because of the way it is never enough and always too much.

I fill notebooks with praises about my body because it is unique, incredible and strong in its own ways.


I write up my weekly grocery lists

and fill them with all your favourite snacks.


(I guess this poem is more about you

than about anything else.)


(Even when I don’t write about you,

I write about you.)

by Theresa Vogrin

Theresa Vogrin is a 24-year-old Austrian writer, living in Guildford (United Kingdom) and Graz (Austria).
Growing up, books were her best friends and so it came naturally to her to write her own stories. At the age of thirteen her love for writing was born and soon after that, she discovered the beauty of the English language.
In her work, Theresa discusses a wide range of themes such as love, life, relationships and distance.
Being a passionate person herself, she is very good at capturing emotions with her unique way with words. Through her poetry she tries to figure out how people work, why they do what they do and how she can make them feel something - anything - with just her words.
Theresa published her first poetry book "Bitter-Sweet" in July 2018.


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