What If’s

Millions of dreams in her eyes

Vanish like a whirlwind romance

Clinging onto the hopes

Feels like being attached on a string

That’s so loosely bound it’s meant to break

Her heart which used to make the sounds of thunder and elephants thumping

Quieten to the extent where it can barely be heard

The aspirations which ignited her passions

Were long forgotten when life took its toll

And reality surfaced

Now there she sits

Quiet and polite

With a mind so blank and eyes out of shine

Doing what people find fit

Carrying the bland mundane life

Although there are nights

Nights when she gets up and thinks

What if

What if she chose herself

The ‘ what if’s ‘ which can never be lived


Author: Archita T.
Email: lifeasarchi@gmail.com
Author Bio: I am an 18 year old pre-medical student trying to make sense in this world, letting my thoughts wander and turning all the sadness I have in my heart to a more meaningful existence. And despite circumstances, I know that I am going to fly one day 😉
Link to social media: https://www.instagram.com/lifeasarchi/

by Archita Talukdar

Just a girl who believes in her dreams.

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