What Is Left Behind

Journal Entry:
February 1, 2018
Lesley Ware


Tomorrow will mark a year since I moved out of our apartment. Tonight is the anniversary of the evening that I packed my bags. You did not understand why I was leaving. You thought I was being mean. Last month, over coffee, you told me that you get it now.

When I close my eyes I can still hear you in my head, even though we no longer sleep in the same bed. Like a robot that cannot be rebooted, I cry sometimes. So much has been left behind.

Once dubbed “the coolest couple in Brooklyn.” We complimented each other: you charming and diplomatic / me vibrant yet reserved. Born on the cusp, you are the 7th sign of the zodiac one day before the 8th. I’m the 9th sign, positive and optimistic. I guess the universe saw that we were too powerful. Not fair. I open my hand again.

I love myself. I hate being single. Those things can coexist.

Orbiting in different, but similar, circles. Apart the city that we gleefully moved to 11 years ago. What fate? I’m glad some things remain as we untangle, fitting together like a fuzzy puzzle or a muddled potion.



Author: Lesley Ware
Email: Lesley@thecreativecookie.com
Author Bio: Lesley Ware is a fashion personality who has written three books, Sew Fab: Sewing and Style for Young Fashionistas, My Fab Fashion Style File, and How to Be a Fashion Designer with publishers Laurence King and DK Books of London. Lesley teaches teen programs at The Parsons School of Design, The Metropolitan Museum, Pioneer Works, Museum of the City of New York and other institutions in New York. She is also a fashion designer and artist advisor.
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