What It Means To Be Free

She wears her war paint like a mask,
as if the stuff she puts on her face is made in a flask.
She cuts her bottoms short too,
despite the fact of getting the flu.
And we all think she’s pretty with her clean soft skin exposed.

But is she really free? That’s the question.
It seems she is, hiding her obsession,
for the desire to look the best out of all of us.
She asks me if she must,
as if she isn’t plastic enough.

She walks home with someone new every day,
as if her looks didn’t make people stay.
But behind the closed doors of her forsaken palace,
her father is asleep from the poison at last.
And her mother lies beside the bed with a new flush to her face, Purple.

Beyond the people that seem to be true,
beyond everything that seems black and blue.
There is a young girl who sits with her one friend,
and she patiently waits for this world to end.

She’s a stunner with her eyes so green,
that hides a brain so smart, so keen.
Her hair is kept long and modest, almost looking gold.
As well as her loving heart, in which she keeps in fold.

You’d never think of her grades,
simply because she’s too pretty.
To even care about her future,
To the other girl, she’s a pity.

But is she really free? That’s the question.
SHE IS! SHE IS! How wonderful her attraction,
with her little pink skirt but pants underneath.
She’s the sweet candy you can never keep.

Her father is loving her mother as well,
and just enough for people to come ring her bell.
She keeps to herself and may seem trapped,
but inside she’s happy with just the simple things, and that’s a fact.

She walks along one day and happens to see,
that poor one girl that everyone wants to be.
But she’s much smarter than everyone else,
because she knows that this girl just needs some help.

She needs a place to let her feelings free,
so that she can be the best that she can possibly be.
Because she hides her life behind that mask you’ve met,
and wears short clothes to show that her father hasn’t beaten her, not yet.

And at the end of the day this cotton candy skirt girl knows,
that this girl is truly trapped, the most out of everyone, it shows.
And so, she takes her hand and leads that way,
to her warm home to meet her father.
And to show that there are men in the world who don’t say, “I never wanted her anyway.”


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