What Of Black Women

What of Black women, who hold up the world with our bare hands?

We are called to save the world, without thinking of ourselves.

We sacrifice our hearts, backs, minds, and spirits, only to be discarded, fetishized, disrespected, and demonized.

The world calls us angry, when we are fed up, frustrated, tired, and drained from our constant pouring out on the world and not receiving anything back.

We lead our movements, stand up for our men, only to be beaten, raped, and abused by the ones we risk our lives on the frontlines for.

We’re the most educated group in the country, yet account for less than 10% of executive leadership positions in the world.  

Our grief is never ending.  We die in or from complications of childbirth.  We receive medical care from physicians who think that we have a supernatural ability to tolerate more pain than our White counterparts.  

We were used as experiments for what we now call modern day gynecology.

We watch as our loved ones die from a virus that has no cure and attacks at an unparalleled and vicious rate.  

We watch as our children are snatched from us by slave traders, lynch mobs, police, racists, and human traffickers.

We have drowned in oceans of misery and sorrow, but yet we continue to rise and shine with a powerful and breathtaking grace.

We are the living angels, superheroes, and guardians we need, but we need you in return.

Hold us, love us, honor us, protect us, pay us, cherish us, appreciate us.

For we do the work, we tow the line, lay the pavement for the journeys we all walk.  

There would be no us, without the love and leadership of Black women.

by goblkphoenix

I am a writer, griot, storyteller, warrior, healer, earth mother, and lover. Writing is one of the things that I am most passionate about. I have been writing since fifth grade and it has been one of the ways I can best use my voice in this world. Current events have given me plenty of things to write about. I believe in spreading love, hope, possibility, and life through my words and I am honored to be part of this community.


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