What To Expect Entering Your Sixth Or Seventh Decade

Life has been quite a journey. I’m approaching 71 years young and still going strong. At many times in my life, I have surprised myself and achieved something that I thought was off the table, or walked through a door that I thought was already closed to me. People said that falling in love was no longer an option, but I got married at 69 years old. People said I should stop working, but I still model and act and founded a new business in my 60s. I’m here to tell you that anything can happen in your later years, and help you make sure you are ready for it for the surprises that maturity can present.

The first rule is to always have a positive attitude. It’s not what happens to us, it’s how we handle it. And secondly, if any negative energy enters your space, walk away. These two rules alone will help you maintain a peaceful persona that people are naturally drawn to.

It is vitally important to appreciate what you have rather than worrying about the approval of others. Men and women both young and old appreciate confidence. Stress shows on our faces, so minimize it where you can. The only person you should answer to is yourself. If you love yourself and cherish yourself, someone else will cherish and love you as well.

I like the term, “age-proofing,” to describe how I take care of myself. Our inner and physical beauty need nourishing in new ways as we age. We need to think about what our bodies, our skin and our souls need in new ways to what we thought we needed when we were younger. I am diligent about exercise and always have been, but I have recently discovered meditation. I find it slows the mind down (in a good way!) and enables me to think clearly and with more clarity. When you are older, things that help you focus on what you need to achieve, and what you want to do, are worth doing!

Perhaps most importantly, spend time with friends and family, whether it is your biological family or your found family. Although it is easy to settle into a more solitary, reflective state as we age, it is important to remember that an active social life not only makes us happier but also healthier. I don’t mean that you need to be out at openings and drinking cocktails, but consider power walking or playing a gentle sport with a friend. Enjoy lunch with friends. Watch a movie together, or simply play a round of cards. Studies have shown that social interaction can stave off the onset of neurological disorders such as Alzheimer’s disease, so to that end, you are not only bettering your own life, but also the lives of those you hold dear.



Author: Irene Michaels
Email: mimi@rcourihaycpr.com
Author Bio: Irene Michaels is Founder of www.IOnTheScene.com. She is an actress; model; producer; writer; fundraiser and beauty/lifestyle expert, and the Founder of anti-aging skincare line I On Youth Collection by Irene Michaels.
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