When did going to the bathroom get so hard?

Was it always this hard or has this pandemic just made me more observant? Am I just out of shape? Let me tell you about my trip to the bathroom when I went to lunch today.

Thankfully this bathroom stall had a purse hanger because if not this truly would’ve been able to be inducted into the Olympics as a sport. Is that the right word? Inducted? Anyway, so I’m in my mask, yes it’s annoying to wear but it keeps us all safe so just wear ’em and keep it going, although it does cranks up my body temperature. Not to mention I chose one hell of a day to wear a leotard because this only added to the difficulty. Now I’m holding the front part of my leotard to make sure it’s not in the splash zone if you know what I mean! HEYO! If you don’t know what that means, it means I am holding the front part of the leotard that hangs right where my stream would be coming from this is because in order to pee I need to unclasp said leotard. No judgment, but personally I wasn’t sitting on toilet seats before this pandemic so I am not going to start now, so I am holding my THICK self over the toilet trying to make sure I don’t get any pee on myself, my clothes, or the toilet all while trying to keep my oversized mask over my nose. I would be lying if I said I didn’t leave the bathroom sweatier than I came in that day. So everyone, tell me. When did going to the bathroom get so hard?

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by ling.thingz

Hello all! Welcome to the Thing Fam! Where we talk about everyTHING...see what I did there? Seriously though I will be talking about everything from light hearted self care ideas and tips to how we can do more in the fight against sex trafficking and racism! Having mental health issues of my own, that is going to be something I want to do a spotlight on methods that I'm currently trying to defeat them or at least rule them and not let them rule me. Now a little bit about me. Im a 24 year old

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