When Grief Finds You

You can’t feel it while it’s happening.

Because while it’s happening you are forced into something else, a different life, a different you.

All the newness and changes don’t allow you to grieve.

It is only until you are settled in the new – the without – that you begin to feel the grief.

The grief finally finds you.

It’s when you are sitting down to eat breakfast and the memories come in – the grief finds you.

It’s when you are closing the garage and pulling out of the driveway to go grocery shopping, the grief finds you.

Grief is like a lot of tiny shards of glass – they are small and hurt, they go deep.

Grief is something you learn to live with, it becomes part of your life.

Grief becomes the bridge of what was and what now is – it helps you learn to live with both.

Grief expands you, makes room for something you never want to carry around but it’s not going anywhere.

Grief needs to be talked about, felt, shared, and released.

Time will not make grief go away, it only makes what you grieve new.

The beginning of your grief is the big thing, as time goes on, what you grieve becomes even more specific and detailed and this hurts even more.

Learning how to grieve is something we can truly only learn while it is happening.


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