When I Dream of You

When I dream of you

I don’t care what color eyes you have

or if your hair is long, or short, or non-existent.

I don’t care what you do.

When I dream of you
I dream of morning cuddles; that first cup of tea;

the smile on your face when you see me.


I dream of holding hands walking down the street;

old ladies smiling that secret smile only old ladies know.

I dream of fights – not big ones but fights when my tongue is too quick

for my thoughts and I say whatever is on my mind.


I dream of good sex.

Bad sex.

Make-up sex.

Sad sex.

When I dream of you

I dream of


I dream of walking side by side; of talking until my tongue ceases to speak.

When I dream of you

I don’t care what you do.


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by soyoureafeminist

I'm a 30 year old literature graduate living in Germany. With extensive experience in dating and heartbreak, and a turning-30-mid-life-crisis, I have recently been driven towards a path of self-discovery and healing, but also towards learning more about feminism, privilege and being an ally.
Feeling more and more disconnected from my job in the fashion world, I've come to accept that the thoughts, values and goals of 30 year old Amy no longer align with the 2012 graduand Amy who dreamt of a big career in the city.
So the time has come to delve more into my passions of writing, politics and learning. Although I'm not yet entirely certain where this path will lead, where reading has always been my escape, writing has always helped me explore and work through complex thoughts and feelings, and maybe, just maybe, it will resonate with someone else, too.


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