When Imagination Is Not Enough

Have you ever sat down and began writing your next story but couldn’t get the words to come out? Have you ever grabbed your paintbrushes and tried to paint something new, but nothing would come to mind? Have you ever had a great idea but couldn’t execute it the way you wanted?

So many things that we could have created but yet our imagination is blank and distant from what we truly want. Our creative minds can only go a long way but without being exposed to new things, how are we going to feed that imagination? Imagination alone is not enough to fuel our creative minds. We must be exposed to new things, new cultures, new art and new ideas to bring something amazing to the world.


One thing that many people don’t realize is that people watching is a very important technique to fuel our creative minds. Have you ever been out in public and saw someone do something out of the ordinary? Perhaps they were wearing something different or maybe they were acting upon an incidence strangely to the modern eye. Our minds automatically go to defense. We block what we have seen or heard and instantly go to judging.

However, keep in mind that as creatives it is our job to grab onto the unfamiliar and create something amazing out of it. Even if you are walking down the street and you see someone doing something that catches your eye. WRITE IT DOWN! Even if you are at dinner and you hear someone talking about something that attracts your attention. WRITE IT DOWN! Just make sure you are not using personal information that could backfire.

This technique goes for artists, musicians and any creative mind as well. People watching is a very important and well forgotten strategy that needs to be recognized once again.


Another technique in our digital age that you may be fonder of, is surfing the internet. If your imagination is stuck and you cannot get something new to stick. Go onto the internet and search. Search anything. Look through articles, pictures on Pinterest, scroll through Instagram and Facebook. Find something that catches your eye and create something out of it.

The internet is endless, and you will find something if you just keep digging. Don’t hold back and be open to the possibilities.


This is something that we all know to familiar. Of course, creatives go outside and experience the world so they can create something new. Well, actually not a lot of people do this. We are so cooped up in our rooms and glued to our blue screens to go out and experience life. Without experience than what would we have? Who would we be? What would our stories and creative works become?

So many storytellers, artists, musicians and creative entrepreneurs have created amazing pieces out of the experiences they have lived. Whether they are good or bad or maybe a mix of both. It is their experiences that makes something great. Take advantage of this free source and experience all that you can. Get out of that dimmed room and explore the world around you.

Experiences will come one at a time and your imagination will form into your creative minds.


It is an amazing thing to be able to expand our imagination and grow our creative minds. Go out and experience life. Gain knowledge and explore the world around you. Go out and explore the internet and see what is happening on your social sphere. Be inspired by others and use those creative energies to create something new. Go out and people watch the individuals around you. See how others react to things, see how others talk about this or that, and see how others experience life. I

f you do not go out and take a leap of faith, how are you supposed to come up with something that is different. Imagination alone is great, but without experience you will ultimately become stagnant and mundane.

by Itskstoks

Kerstin is a writer, mentor, editor, and illustrator for fiction authors. She holds a Bachelors degree in English Literature and minored in Studio Art. She is currently growing her online business as a remote creative studio that specializes in helping indie authors across the world. Literature and Art is the center of her life and when she is not doing either, she is writing fictional pieces, prose, and articles on art criticism.


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