When your first “Forever” ends…

My forever is bruised.

Hands that were meant to love;

loved someone else.

My forever is skeptical.

Lips that spoke vows;

spewed lies with just as much ease.

My forever is cautious.

Knots that were tied;

became frayed before unraveling entirely.

My forever is timid.

Dreams that were shared;

turned to nightmares in the dark.

by KalionKava

By day I'm an Academic Impostor, by night I'm a purveyor of poetry and graphic novels dealing with global Social Justice issues and Sex Worker rights.

Personal Philosophy:
Burn it down from the inside and make bricks out of the ashes.

Professional Aspirations:
Get paid to tell stories that I've always been warned not to share.

#survivor #anxiety #bipolardisorder #queer #resilientaf

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