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Where is your mountaintop?

I love movies. I love getting immersed in the storyline for two hours and forgetting about everything else. I was on cloud 9 ¾ as I walked through the Harry Potter Studio Tour, learning the behind the scene secrets of making that franchise. I pretty much always have a movie on when I’m on the treadmill running. I have watched Friends With Benefits countless times (secretly a hopeless romantic). But the other night while running , the scene where Jamie (Mila Kunis) shows Dylan (Justin Timberlake) her ‘mountaintop’ in New York City made me think. Where is my mountaintop? Jamie’s mountaintop is a rooftop where she doesn’t get any cell reception, can see the stars and is able to escape life.

Do I have a place in Columbus where I can go to escape life, to think?


My answer quickly came to me – Harbor Yoga. I’ve been practicing yoga at this studio since I moved to Columbus in 2011. At a time where I was not in a good place, and very unsure of myself, the empowering environment, the people and the hard workouts where what I needed to put myself back together. Nearly 9 years later, walking into the studio still puts me at ease: I know who I am, I can forget about whatever is going on in life for an hour (or think through something in a rational way), feel at home and walk out feeling better. I’ve had several heart to hearts in the studio, being reminded that I am loved and supported. Even if life is great, I still walk out of the studio feeling better than when I walked in, knowing I just spent time with people that I adore and am grateful to have in my life.


Do you have a mountaintop? Do you have a place that is a safe haven for you? One where you can forget about what is going on in life, or think things through; one where you feel at home, one where you feel like yourself. I hope you do. If you don’t, start exploring.

by megperk

I am a hospice consultant pharmacist who lives in Columbus, Oh. The past few years I’ve tried to use my voice more for women’s rights and empowerment, LGBTQ rights (I am bisexual), body image issues, eating disorders, the environment and mental health. I love to travel, and work a part time job to fund that passion. I’m also a runner, scuba diver, yogi, dog mom and more. I love to have vulnerable, open conversations, discuss astrology, books, movies and more.

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