Who Are The Women We Fight For?

who are the women we fight for
if not the ones who fight
with bruised and bleeding knuckles
they punch and claw and scream
for acknowledgment

who are the women we fight for
if not the ones who stand out
with dark complexion and tangled roots
firm roots
in where they came from
in where they’ll go

who are the women we fight for if not the ones with
a different manner of speaking
which causes assumptions of illiteracy
lack of intelligence
a different way of looking
which makes them unprofessional
from the hair on their heads
to the cloth on their bodies
or the ones who are supposedly unattractive
with bodies that don’t fit a specific image
that leave some of you questioning their worth

who are the women we fight for
when we don’t consider them feminine
matching the appearance of their sisters
with hair like waves
and none on any other part of their body
with skin so smooth and only allowed as dark as caramel
with alluring curves
friendly painted faces
passive charms

who are the women we fight for
if we only fight for some

if we don’t fight for them all
we may as well fight for none

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by sorajl

I'm a 21 year-old mixed, queer individual who is passionate about writing and music. I use they/them pronouns! After much travel, I've settled down in Columbus, OH and am pursuing an education and career in journalism. My focuses are: lifestyle, diversity/culture, mental health and the LGBTQ+ community.


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