hands holding together
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Who You Are

Who are you, when no one is watching

Who are you, when you finally retrieve 

within yourself after performing for others

Who are you, when you are left alone, with 

your shadow, and are forced to see parts 

of yourself you’d rather burry away

Who are you, when you finally let a glimpse 

of your light shine through 

You are, the one you need 

You are, the one who will heal your internal turmoil 

You are, the one who will emerge from the ashes

You are, the one capable of letting your light 

shine so bright, so that others don’t get lost 

along the way 

You, my love, are magic 

                                                Claudia Carina 

by claudiacarinagill

My name is Claudia Gill. I am an artist, writer and healer living in New York City with my husband, three very active boys and a sweet puppy. My writing and art focuses on healing and connection. I believe we are not much different from one another and our individual journeys helps us guide others along the way.

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