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It’s incredibly inspiring watching a person’s face light up when they explain what they are passionate about. Hearing what led them to this passion, and their overall background story is extremely exciting. The source behind that fervor is called “Your Why”.

No matter who you are, where you’re from, or what your profession is, every person has a Why – a source of motivation that drives you to be the best version of yourself. Whether it is family, faith, friends, or a burning desire to succeed within your field, identifying your Why will help you achieve your goals.

When pinpointing your own personal Why, ask yourself these questions:

What motivates you to work hard? Who do you think of when you need inspiration to power through a long workday? What are you writing about when you are up at three in the morning, enthusiastically scribbling new ideas in your notebook?

Often times in life we are presented with obstacles and challenges. We find ourselves explaining why we have set constraints on our business practices, or justifying why we do what we do. When faced with a new hurdle, cite your Why as your reason. Explaining your source of motivation will give those who question you a greater sense of who you are and why you are working so hard. As an added bonus, saying it aloud will give you a refreshed sense of motivation to address the task ahead.

Identifying your Why will allow you to have a source of motivation that you can return to when you need that extra push. Keep this idea in mind while you go through the motions of life. It will allow you to have an improved outlook on any tough projects before you.

Every Why has value. Every Why has meaning. What’s Your Why?

Author: Jacqueline Stevens
Bio: Jacqueline Stevens is a motivated and enthusiastic new entrepreneur. Her deep passion for helping others moved her to start her own giveback jewelry company, What’s Your Why Designs. She believes in empowering and connecting women while giving to meaningful organizations.

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