Why Nick Carraway and I write

Nick Carraway is the protagonist in “The Great Gatsby,” in case you’ve forgotten. 

There’s two types of artists: the one who waits for inspiration and the one who is her own muse.” — Sara Li

As I watch Christmas movies and journal, and who knows? Maybe get the juices flowing in brain after waking up from a nap? Nonetheless, I was thinking of the many things I had to do that November day. Math had to wait a little longer, though. But the one thing I did “accomplish” that day was meeting with my African Literature professor and we got off-topic when talking about my paper topic. We started talking about Nick Carraway from The Great Gatsby in a psychiatric facility and his therapist suggests that he writes about the famous Jay Gatsby. His therapist tells him to write as a source of catharsis. He writes about Gatsby as a source of catharsis the same way I write to release my emotions.

by aprilfederico

April Federico is a Rhode Island-based content creator, creative writer, editor, and social media guru. She has been a digital and social content creator since 2018. She studied Creative Writing and Visual Arts at Roger Williams University and will attend Emerson College for its M.A. in Publishing and Writing. She hopes to one day go into magazine publishing.


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