Why Nick Carraway and I write

Nick Carraway is the protagonist in “The Great Gatsby,” in case you’ve forgotten. 

There’s two types of artists: the one who waits for inspiration and the one who is her own muse.” — Sara Li

As I watch Christmas movies and journal, and who knows? Maybe get the juices flowing in brain after waking up from a nap? Nonetheless, I was thinking of the many things I had to do that November day. Math had to wait a little longer, though. But the one thing I did “accomplish” that day was meeting with my African Literature professor and we got off-topic when talking about my paper topic. We started talking about Nick Carraway from The Great Gatsby in a psychiatric facility and his therapist suggests that he writes about the famous Jay Gatsby. His therapist tells him to write as a source of catharsis. He writes about Gatsby as a source of catharsis the same way I write to release my emotions.


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