Why We Have To End Cattiness

So I went on a girls trip to Mexico. You’re probably thinking of sandy beaches and margaritas. Well, there was margaritas and beaches, but there was also stress, drama, cattiness, and straight-up rude personalities. I’m talking about full-on Regina Georges from the movie, Mean Girls. 

One of the girls, a friend of a friend on the trip, had been rolling her eyes and doing that snarky half-laugh at me all weekend. We’ll call her ‘Mean Girl #1’. In fact, she actually outright said “maybe you should just go home” to one of my friends the very first night out on the town. (Who says that?!) 

Anyway, this girl was setting off my ‘I-don’t-like-you’ radar from the start. As I said, the whole trip was full of this mean-girl drama, and everyone involved had their fair share of name-calling and tears.

Sure enough, it’s Friday night at dinner and Mean Girl #1’s ‘best friend’ took her shot at Mean Girl #1. These two are best friends and Mean Girl #1 got chewed up and spit out by her ‘best friend’ in front of our whole group. Can you imagine?

I previously said I had no attachment to this girl, and to be quite honest, every time she complained about a bug bite or sunburn, I felt no empathy. But this cat-fight was different. It hurt me to see girls tearing down other girls, no matter how much I didn’t really enjoy her presence on the trip. 

My friend stopped mid-taco-bite and simply said; “Hey, for what it’s worth, no one deserves to be treated like that or spoken to like that. Whether it’s behind closed doors or at a public taco stand- you deserve better.”

You deserve better.

I’m not telling this story to say “mean girls always get what they ask for” or “karma will come around.” I’m telling this story because I think it’s important for women to stand together, whether its against the patriarchy, injustice or even the cattiness of another woman. Why? Because we deserve better.

This hit me harder than your typical flowery Instagram post. Not only do we, as women, deserve better; we deserve the love we give to each other. We have to look out for one another, whether we like each other or not. Whether we agree with other women or have radically different perspectives; it is crucial that we come together. It’s crucial that we recognize that every woman deserves love and light. It’s crucial that we realize that women have enough forces in this world working against them, and at the end of the day, our sisterhood is the only thing we really got. Even if it’s the only common ground we have, it needs to be enough to come together, enough to love each other, enough to shine on each other, enough to strengthen and comfort each other. Because if we don’t, who will?

We deserve the divine feminine love and light that radiates from our fingertips.



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by lexibrode

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