Mental Health


Do you want to know why people do not talk?

-because people are not committed to listen.

Do you want to know why people keep things bottled up?

-because expressing themselves can be much more of a disservice than a benefit, depending on the audience

Do you want to know why people don’t vent?

-because people throw it back in your face after you have confided in them.

Do you want to know why people are averse to being vulnerable?

-because they are taken advantage of or exposed and left off worse than they began.

Do you want to know why people feel alone?

-because people don’t talk.

by hoodo

I am currently putting my energy into myself while studying for the bar exam, and completing my first book. My favorite thing to write about is current events, my life or what is going on around me. Writing affects my mental health greatly as it is the best outlet! Writing puts me in a good zen-like mood. Harness empowers me as a woman because it is a no judgement, free flowing publishing platform just for women. It's a home, in a sense that you can feel comfortable as well as go to Instagram and find inspirational and self-care tips.


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