Willingly Jaded

Since I was young I overindulged…
Name it, I did it, I was always involved.
But love, love was a feeling I could never evolve.
I was scared of the emotion,
The vulnerability behind it all…
But you, you are a sin I don’t want to absolve…
I want you caught in the arrow of Cupid’s call.
I want you to feel what I feel,
The high that you cause, you’re a drug that can heal.
You found the problem in me, and you solved…
The feelings of love that were constantly stalled.
You taught me that it’s okay to be aided…
You showed me that love is a puzzle that’s not meant to be faded;
It’s a power you Willingly obtain, Never meant to be traded.
And baby,
For love, for you, I am Willingly Jaded.

by Janid

A Mother, A Veteran, A Poet, constantly reconfiguring myself & writing my experiences along the way. Writing has been an outlet for my emotions for many years now. I hope to reach you with my words, inspire you to be a better version of yourself, or help you through a tough time.

- J.Janid


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