I feel cold now
again, tonight
I know you’re somewhere
feeling like
you’re losing everything

Is this love?
To have another’s pain
cut through you
sharper, deeper
than your own
ever felt?

The wind blows slightly
and summer feels around
the corner
So much potential
for warmth
and light
Yet the cold
whips through the valley
and blows
the tall spring grasses
in the hills

I feel empty and aching again
listening to it,
as you sit
down the street
and cry
It’s not your fault
it’s all come to pieces

How many times now
have I shattered
these past two years?
How many more
will I lose myself
to the wind howling through
this hollow heart?

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by c.gerrity

I started writing at 7 years old making short stories about what I imagined my cats were doing while I was at school, and it's all gone downhill from there.
I like music, mean jokes, and a variety of gas station snacks.
Painfully honest about the messes I get myself into.

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