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Something I’ve come to know is that once a wound has been created within – it can only be healed within.  

We think that if we can just change the people who created the wound, or if we could just get someone to understand, it would heal us.  

It’s this deep unconscious drive, but the wound still festers. 

It still breathes.  


Longing – for that one person who can love and understand it in a way that no one else can.  

And you know who that person is? 

That person is yourself. 


Wonderful you. 

Because you are the one who survived. 

You are the one who lived through it. 

And you are the only one who truly and deeply knows just what you survived. 

As much as you may think that if you could be loved just right by that one person, or get the world to understand in just the right way, that it would somehow make your wound disappear: 

Your wound longs most to be understood by you. 

There’s a piece holding onto me.  

A piece that wants everyone in the world to know how much I suffered.  

For the burdens I have carried all of my life to be acknowledged.  

I want that external validation.  

I hold myself tightly and say, “Baby, I know. I’ve walked this journey with you but it’s time now. It’s time to lay down your burdens as God has wings ready and waiting for you.”  

A time comes where once you have walked through the pain of your past to set those burdens aside and rest in your own heart and affirm what you survived and move forward. To give yourself the validation you long for, and move forward into your new beginning: 

Allowing yourself to receive your wings.



Author: Alison Binns 
Email: alisonbinns01@gmail.com 
Author Bio: Alison Binns is in recovery from complex and developmental trauma. She has chosen to use her journey to write, speak out, engage in activism work, and empower other survivors to reclaim their power and sovereignty. If you are a survivor please know that you are not alone and that your voice and story deserve to be heard. In fact, it is needed now more than ever. May truth and love prevail. 
Link to social media: Instagram @innerlightremembrance


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