How to Boost Your Travel Photography Skills

There are many people who take up photography in order to capture precious family moments, and later discover that it’s something they can do as a job. Additionally, traveling and photography go hand-in-hand. No matter if you are a novice or a professional artist, if you strive to achieve something great with your photography knowledge and boost some of the acquired skills, then you need to travel. Here are some cool tips on how to enhance your travel photography skills.

Choosing the ideal location

Choosing a location can be hard. Whether you’re going to the beach, the mountains, some famous site, or a barren desert, you need to think about what would best appeal to you. You may find yourself in Zanzibar, honing photography skills by taking pictures of local food or people. You will be the one who captures the moment from your point of view. Whatever place you end up going, see its potential and seize the moment. Sometimes capturing unplanned items, people or sites will improve your photography skills.

Know your equipment

If you want to stay competitive with the market, you need the proper equipment. In order to achieve stunning and breathtaking photos, you don’t need to have extremely expensive equipment, but you do need to be an expert at using the equipment you have. For instance, you need to know how your camera functions. Everybody can click and take a photo, but you have to learn how to use all the options available. Whether you use a digital camera or a more serious gadget like a DSLR, take the time to figure out what all the buttons do, and what its limits are. Also, study the menu of your camera, get an extra memory card, and consider a neck strap for safety. It’s also a good idea to get a shooting backpack with room for a tripod and laptop.

Follow the trends

Even if you’re seeking to take unique photos and capture one-of-a-kind travel moments, unfortunately, the market is over-saturated with similar photos. That doesn’t mean that you should stop taking the photos you love, but you may earn more money by following the latest trends. There might be millions of photos of the stunning Burj Khalifa or Machu Picchu, but in order to make the best out of your photography skills, you need to take these things to a whole new level. Go to a well-known site, but take the picture as nobody has ever done before. Explore the unexplored routes, play with your camera, shutter speed, lens, texture, zoom, or use focal length to stay on focus.

Sunrise and sunset

The hour after sunrise and the hour before sunset are called “the golden hours”, and “the blue hour” refers to the hour after sunset, because the light is absolutely mesmerizing. In order to get the most out of your travel photography, you want to get soft, warm, morning or evening light. Light is the key ingredient to professional photography, and no matter where you go, if you capture the picture with the right sunset or sunrise light, you will set yourself apart. When you go out during these hours, not only will you capture perfect light, but if you are at some landmark you would have the place to yourself.

Study the composition

One rule of thumb when it comes to travel photography is never to be satisfied with your first shot. Even experienced photographers tend to take hundreds of photos from different angles and distances until they get that perfect shot. Once you have reached the location where you’re shooting, take your camera and use it to search for the right angle. Climb a nearby tree to get a shot from a higher angle, or lay on the ground for a low angle. Shoot from a close proximity and from a distance. Never settle for an “okay” shoot. Include the magnificent foreground, midground, and background elements. If you want to take a picture of Eiffel Tower, find a car, a bike or a flower to include in the foreground.

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by Claire_Morgan

Claire Morgan is a marketing consultant and lecturer who, thanks to her integrated approach to business, stands behind many digital strategies of renowned brands. She enjoys travelling and passionately blogs about the latest marketing and lifestyle trends.

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