Wish with me

I sound like every other person who over romanticizes their life because of books and film. 

All I want is….
someone to dance in the rain with,
To hold my hand, always,
To catch them looking at me from the corner of my eye,
To see the moment they realize how in love they are with me,
To grow old with,
To make bad dad jokes with,
To cry with,
To laugh with,
But most importantly, to experience all that this life has to offer with.
My partner, lover, nurturer, everything. 

I pray by my bedside every night for the one person meant for me to arrive. One day, I know my prayer will be answered, or perhaps it has and I am blissfully unaware of what is right in front of me. 

I often find myself growing impatient and a person once told me “Be patient, Be kind.” I don’t know about you but when I heard them say those words, I felt it. I have never felt words before. It’s hard to describe the feeling. It’s a moment where you know something is meant for you. Those words were meant for me to hear at that exact moment. It was the most beautiful feeling I have never felt. 

I wish for every human to have that feeling.  

by Sincerelydelle

I am a self-taught writer/poet. I self published my own poetry chapbook in October of 2018(available on amazon; title: 'Dear Whomever Sincerely, Me'). I have gone through a lot in my life and I just want to share my story in hopes that I reach people on a level where they no longer feel alone.

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