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You had a Bud Light in your hand and I had an X on mine. Our eyes met each other the second you walked through the door and in that moment I knew. Our love started in a bar but was only active in bedrooms or secrecy. My heart broke everytime I had to leave you because I always wanted more.

You talked about going back home and you lit a flame inside my heart. I dreamed about going back with you and feeling the air fill my lungs like you always told me about.

You blew out the flame every other weekend because you’d remind me of all of my flaws and take out your sadness on me. I always let you because I thought being sad together was better than apart. I kept a suitcase packed for the nights I needed to stay somewhere else. You always invited me back so I would never go far.

I woke up to an empty bed one morning. You left me. You packed your belongings and my heart and drove thousands of miles away. It turns out the flame you lit would turn into a wildfire. I became destructive to myself. I did whatever I could to forget about you even if it hurt worse when I woke up. You’d contact me just to make sure I was still hurting. Just to make sure you were still the only one on my mind. You ripped me apart, one more piece would be taken away with every second you were gone.

But piece by piece I am whole again. Day by day I grew stronger. With each sunrise I became thankful that I was still here. Thankful that you left and I was able to heal. Each morning I take deep breath when I step outside and let my air fill my lungs and remind myself that I am breathing on my own now. Without you.


Author: Madalynn Roest
Author Bio: Madalynn Roest is new to writing but trying to share her strength with others. She is a fitness addict residing in Texas.
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