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We are the receivers of life, given a sacred purpose to protect a spirit as it grows and develops into a body, inside a warm secure womb, within a body. We are women. From the animal that which lays an egg, either on land or water—even the tiniest of insects—they, too, are women, and they, too, hold the sacred gift of receiving life to help nurture, develop and protect. They, too, hold a spirit that forms into a body that can withstand the atmosphere on Earth.

The most intriguing and possibly the most powerful of the creatures is the spirit of the human woman. Humans may not be the physically strongest of the Earth’s creatures, nor the largest, but we are the most intellectual, surviving not solely on instinct, or engraved ancestral memories, but we evolve through our cognitive ability to look into the past and future, to see beyond the here and now, into a future possibility. Without a woman, there would be no progression. But this fact is equally true about a man, for one cannot survive or be without the other. Woman is part of man, as man is part of woman; we are all connected within the spiral of life. But women, through the trials and tribulations we’ve been through throughout the many ages and eras of evolution, we still stand, and spiritually ever stronger.

Womanhood is filled with trials and tribulations because it takes a strong will and spirit to live inside a body that is constantly growing and preparing itself (in subtle and non-subtle ways) for a life that may develop within. With every strong power, there are strong and challenging tests. And we women definitely have been tested over and over—in some similar ways as the man, but also in very different ways of the man—because a body that can give life, tends at one point in time, to be intimidating due to the fact of misunderstanding and impossible comprehension. Even today’s age, with its technology to see within the body and biologically determine how the baby got started and how it is developing in the womb. But spiritually we, women and men, are a mystery. Yet, we have some sort of faith, feeling and instinct within our unconscious mind that seems primitive, frightening or a figment of our imaginations—but this faith holds an unspoken truth that is impossible to define in linguistic words—but it is felt by all. This light of existence, the consciousness that which we all came from and are connected to a light of being. Women hold the light, and the man helps us to shine, as we connect as one in a common truth, as we take part in the creation of life.

The woman is the moon—a controller of the tides, a body of emotional unpredictability, and at times irrational thought. The man is the sun—physically strong, emotionally controlled, with rational thought. One cannot be without the other. The woman as the moon and the man as the sun, shine together. Together we shine. But a woman has the ability to shine in her own light when necessary since the light is within. With our emotional intuition, we can be guided to our paths of potential and achieve our dreams, against any odds. We are She. We are Woman. Man and woman, two spirits in one. Man is our other half as woman is man’s other half.

So, woman, shine from the light within your soul, within your heart, and help your dreams to become a reality! Embrace your womanhood—against all odds. Be the woman you know you are born to be, under the guidance of your many guides. Do not hold your heart against that man who has put you down in the past or present, for forgiveness is part of growth, and it enhances the power within your own soul. So forgive, and flow on, and shine from the light within.



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by val.180

~When a quiet individual speaks, their voice is loud ~

The voice of the spirit is as loud as the whisper in the wind, breath upon the skin, and as delicate as a feather in the wind. The quiet voice speaks the truth within you. Let it speak through you, and let it be what it will be. There is no rhythm, rhyme, or reason. the voice of the spirit is felt rather than heard, and when it is heard it is through your own words or way of expression.
Speak those quiet words, in any form you wish; through art, verbally, in any way. Let it be and you will see what you are capable of.


My articles contain information I have received on my spiritual path, which I call, my path of life, sprinkled in with creative expressions.

Random teed-bits of information about ME: I am from Southwestern Arizona; I was born in 1990 and I am the second to the youngest of 5 children; I have a Bachelor degree in Social Work and I am currently pursing a Master’s in Social Work.

My interests: Poetry; creating art in multiple forms; history of civilization, diversity of cultures, history of art in multiple forms through the ages, world religions, and world power; Psychology and Sociology; Mysticism; Law & Order; writing (academically and creatively).

Enjoy! and Happy reading. <3

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