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Women That Rock + Harness: March Female Artists

This month’s recommended artists are brought to you by Women That Rock, a platform created by women, for women. Dedicated to supporting and promoting up-and-coming female musicians and female-fronted bands, Women That Rock is cultivating a community of badass ladies who are creating amazing music and connecting with one another through their art. Follow Women That Rock on Instagram at @womenthatrock and stay in the loop on amazing lady artists, news & upcoming events. If you know an amazing female musician or girl-fronted band that needs to be heard, email their information to thewomenthatrock@gmail.com!



Sharkmuffin is a duo of Brooklynite sirens Tarra Thiessen and Natalie Kirch, both bred from the waves of the Jersey shore. Their music has been dubbed “opti-mystic glam-grunge,” with a uniquely jagged edge slashed across their sonic marriage of ‘60s beach pop and ‘90s alt. With several cross-country tours, SXSW visits and a ton of press buzz under their belts, Sharkmuffin has been creating a whirlpool of musical chaos in the NY music scene and beyond. Their 2015 debut LP Chartreuse (featuring Patty Schemel of Upset/Hole on drums) features 10 tracks that are equal parts feminine rage & cheeky sass. Billboard named them amongst their list of ’20 All Female Bands You Need to Know.’

In May of 2017, Sharkmuffin released their sophomore LP Tsuki and followed the release up with their first international tour across the pond to the U.K. Tarra & Natalie are currently writing & recording the band’s third LP, playing & touring with Jordyn Blakely on drums, with guest appearances by Michelle Rose on electric cello. The Village Voice said, “Their sound is energetic and wild, fitting for a band with a name like theirs. It’s rough and raw and soaked in whisky, just the way the best bands are.”

Women That Rock caught Sharkmuffin for the first time live on February 23rd at PLAG’s NYC showcase at Rough Trade and became immediately locked in their grip. Their performance was chock full of sardonic, Daria-esque attitude, dripping with saucy riot grrrl spirit and smart-mouthed vocals. Their performance was a showstopper. Sharkmuffin plans to tour throughout Europe in summer 2018, but first, they’ll be hitting Austin for a SXSW performance March 15th at 720 Club and then closer to home, April 27th at The Wonder Bar in Asbury Park, NJ.




Bianca Muniz

Bianca Muñiz is a singer, songwriter, and pianist who has taken flight on the New York music scene. At just 23 years old, Muniz already has a daunting arsenal of life experience from which she draws inspiration to create powerful music and to spread love throughout the world through art. Diagnosed with ovarian cancer at the age of 11, Bianca turned to music to get her through the tough times rather than losing hope. Now at 23, she is battling breast cancer and having underwent a double mastectomy in  2016, she is leaning on music once again.

Live at Rockwood Music Hall

Bianca’s emotional and mental fortitude as a result of these experiences has opened a creative vista of life, and she continues creating and expressing herself through songwriting. Her unique sound has been dubbed ‘avant-pop’; she has a way of captivating the unspoken and taking listeners inside her mind, of painting unapologetic pictures of vulnerable & passionate truths, entangling them into her uplifting experiences, without any refrains. It has been called a “truly spiritual experience… [evoking] the deepest and most sensitive emotions.” This is illustrated gorgeously in the cinematic, stunning video for her most recent single, “Take Me Away.”

Bianca’s debut EP, Scary Dreams, dropped in 2016 and was followed by an East Coast tour. In 2017, she embarked on the her first international tour, and although she is fighting cancer for the 2nd time, she lets nothing slow her down. Instead, Bianca uses it to inspire and motivate herself and others. She is actively performing in NYC and has graced the stage at Lincoln Center, Rockwood Music Hall, Carnegie Hall, Bowery Electric, Pianos, Webster Hall Studio and many more. See Bianca next April 28th, 2018 at The National Sawdust in Brooklyn.

In addition to sharing her musical gifts, she plans to create a non-profit music therapy organization, helping children with cancer deal with sickness through music.





Dagmar is an indie classical, harmony-driven female duo recently relocated to the San Francisco Bay Area from their prairie homeland of Iowa. A music project with the foundation of history and friendship, Gemma Cohen (vocals, bass) and Miranda Mallard (vocals, keyboard, guitar) are Dagmar’s core. They have attained sister status after having sung together for over 8 years in the trio Rock Paper Scissors, and now in Dagmar since 2014. 

Gemma and Miranda create original music while rocking their curly manes and singing from the depths of their souls. Arash Singh of Little Village Mag remarked that Dagmar’s music feels “at once both wholly ethereal and like a punch to the gut.” Tightly blended harmonies are a staple for this duo and establish their signature sound. Dagmar’s sound is raw, challenging, a vulnerable vocal driven exposition of Medieval harmonies and uncrumpled diaries. Daytrotter said, “Fans of Fleet Foxes might want to discover the harmonic goodness that Iowa’s Dagmar brings to their music.”

Dagmar’s debut full-length album ‘afterlight’ came out in 2015 and the music video for the album’s track “Tumbleweed” premiered in Bitch Media. And their stunning video for the song “What Do You Want” shoud not be missed; featuring the duo’s trademark harmonies, the video is a haunting, powerful, simple treasure.





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