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Harness X Women That Rock: Maelyn, Babe Patrol, Lueck

What better way to celebrate the female empowerment movement than through music? Here at Harness, we’ve decided to collaborate with Women That Rock to bring you the best rising females in music. This will be a monthly curated list for your listening pleasure. Please check out the bands, listen, support and let us know your favorites! Also, you can check out Women That Rock on instagram to get your daily dose of female inspired music.

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Maelyn is a new musical project by vocalist and songwriter Maddy Jarmon and guitarist/producer Daniel Kim. Conceived May 2016 in Brooklyn, NY, Maelyn’s sound is an intricate, seamless blend of singer/songwriter rock and thick, heavy electronic tones. Maelyn’s music washes over you; it’s both danceable and meditative, upbeat and musing. Jarmon’s vocal prowess is tremendous; her gorgeous, pure tone is matched by her impressive power and range, which is skillfully controlled and showcases a uniquely haunting tone. Jarmon’s unforgettable vocals are supported by Kim’s lush, ambient melodies and artfully crafted, provocative back beats.

Maelyn’s first single, “Last Call,” begs repeated listening with its singable hook and groove. The duo’s second single, “Ayo,” dropped June 2017 and is equally catchy, featuring an addictive beat and imaginatively executed layered canon vocals. Maelyn is currently crafting their debut full-length album. “Last Call” and “Ayo” can be found on Spotify and via http://www.maelynmusic.com



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Babe Patrol

Babe Patrol is a female-fronted melodic punk band based in New York City. The band features two incredible, dynamic female musicians – lead singer Giuliana De Pietro and lead guitarist/backup vocalist, Caitlin Montclare, write all of the band’s music in partnership. Babe Patrol’s sound is unique within the punk landscape, featuring a distinctively melodic, crossover slant that makes their music appealing to listeners across punk, pop and rock.

Babe Patrol released their new EP Sugar, Spice & Vodka on Ice this past August. Recorded and produced by Dean DiMarzo in the Hudson Valley, the EP includes 4 brand new songs and comes as a follow-up to the band’s debut album, Roughed Up, released winter 2017. The band’s music is available at all digital outlets including Spotify, Apple Music and Pandora. For more info and a list of Babe Patrol’s live dates, visit babepatrolmusic.com


https://open.spotify.com/album/2LU04yxHdoQN2tE2DQBEh4 (direct link to EP on Spotify)

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LUECK has been dubbed an ‘ambient folk rock soulstress.’

LUECK is led by world traveler & award-winning filmmaker Katy Lueck. With jamming basslines and rhythmic punk guitar, evocative lyrics and knockout solos, their debut double single builds on a foundation of folk sentimentality with the drive of 90s grunge and kickback vibe of 70s rock.

LUECK’s debut double single, “Robert / Samaritas” was released October 13, 2017 and is streaming everywhere. In celebration of the double single, LEUCK performed a release show to a packed house October 10th at Rockwood Music Hall. Check out their music on Spotify here: https://open.spotify.com/artist/1GU5DiCfSty6wJVQrKM58Z



We hope you enjoyed this month’s Women That Rock. Catch us next month with all new vocals for your listening pleasure.


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