Naked Plastic

The World Hums Sweetly: Reflections Of A Digital Nomad

Sleeping Naked on Plastic

Arriving in Bangkok with no money. At least, not enough to buy sheets for this small apartment.

The waterproof mattress sticks to my skin so I cover it with silk scarves.

I bundle some clothes into some other clothes for a lumpy pillow.

I am so happy.

Falling asleep naked. The window looks over the Chao Phraya River as the city moves and I dream of you.

Little comfort is needed when you are 24 with love shimmering.


27 and Sometimes Concerned About Capitalism

Otherwise thinking about love or food or myself.

I met an Italian girl in Las Palmas and we were both confused about Spanish men. We drank cappuccinos every day at La Olive and talked, frustrated about these bastardos who stopped texting us back.

The week passed.

Each day we grew increasingly frustrated and increasingly caffeinated until our hearts, they were going to explode!


We clung to each other’s situation over foamy milk and espresso. We generously offered the advice that we should have been taking ourselves.

Believe me, we are smart and beautiful girls and this heartache will fade.

But the warmth of our friendship maintains, sparkling, like a cupcake or a birthday party.

Still unsure about Capitalism.


Insomnia September

I couldn’t sleep for days.
my hands began to shake.
I was
forgetting things,
hugging exes,
crashing my bike
at the intersection.

I sought out friends
and they took care of me.

Mint tea.
Glasses of water.
A hug.

Moments like these house pure love.

Sparked by crashes,
we wander around all opened up,
hoping to be met with kindness,
hoping to be strong again.

Waking up on a couch, I walk
in the world a little.
Bundles of honeysuckle
breathe sweetness
into September’s cool air.

There is a café and a book.
The café plays a nice song.

The world hums sweetly.



Switching gears,

weaving downtown

with traffic.

My bare leg

nearly brushes

the driver side

of your Kia.



It is

a flirtatious game.



Name: Jeneane Amina
Email: dunlapjeneane1@gmail.com
Author Bio: As a freelance designer and digital nomad, Jeneane is happy while exploring the world & the digital landscape. Based in Columbus, you may find her biking along High street or flirting in some cafe.
Link to social media or website: https://www.j-amina.com/


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