Woven In The Wrong Stitch

And all of these things?

They have created space.

Allowed me to fill the darkness with better.

Trusting that everything I once grasped too tightly to was just woven in the wrong stitch.

While I unthread to remake, I remember the new space I’m creating between my finger tips. The way the openness feels in the morning, like you can take on the world.

It’s the way the same vast feeling that practically swallows you whole by night time.

It’s the power you feed into darling, don’t you know?

When the light illuminates the darkness it doesn’t happen immediately.

It trickles in, covering all the dark spaces with color.

Slowly the colors unravel in the morning sky and you can not only feel, but sense the power. Light always wins, just keep looking for the small threads of light woven in the darkness…

The rest will trickle in.



Author: Kate Kay
Email: Yogimagick@gmail.com
Author Bio: Kate Kay, aka Yogi Magick, is an intuitive yoga teaching photographer based out of Cleveland, Ohio. She inspires her students to connect with their innate wisdom by learning how to listen to their intuition to guide self-healing through movement. Her goal is to empower the world by finding art in everything and sharing her wisdom to connect others with their highest potential. She is currently teaching several classes/spiritual workshops weekly around the Cleveland area and plans to focus on cultivating creativity through artistic movement as her career grows. Writing has been something that has allowed Kate to heal her heart, mind and soul while empowering the collective through her words. She has big dreams for a small woman and a big world to fill with inspiration. Follow her journey through social media as Yogi Magick.
Link to social media or website: Instagram @yogimagick

Photo by Anton Darius | @theSollers on Unsplash


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