Sometimes our thoughts seem too incomplete,

As if we’re walking down a narrow street;

A street that leads us to no real destination,

Causing bounds of hesitation…


The only way for us to know,

Is to finally stop and put on a show.


Show your talent,

Share your words,

Let everyone know what your true destiny yearns.


There is absolutely no guarantee;

Nothing but knowing that your words can set you free.


Maybe you’ll make a living off all you have to share,

Maybe it will turn into something you only do because you care.


Care about yourself,

Care about others,

Care about knowing that at least you are trying.

Care about knowing that this right here,

Truly & honestly feels like you’re flying.



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by Adelorenzo25

I believe life is all about lessons. I think we learn the most about ourselves through the experiences we encounter and that's what I like to write about. Writing for me is a way to process. A way to feel. A way to get down and dirty, and most of all, real.

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