You Are Here

This is an open letter to anyone who has struggled, whether it be from depression, addiction or any mental illness. Recently, one of the most kind-hearted people I know brought this topic to my attention, because not only did it affect him, but it greatly affected me…

We’ve all heard the saying before: “When you hit rock bottom, the only way to go is up.” Yeah, it’s true. It’s also easier said than done, right?

You’re not alone. There are people who suffer every single day. I’ve shunned people I love out of my life and self-sabotaged opportunities I know are good for me. I’ve gotten to the point where tasks become mundane and certain things I used to enjoy no longer satisfy me. At times, my feelings have gotten the best of me. They would overpower me. But I’ve always tried to remember the words & support from those I love.

All I hope for is for all of us to be aware and observant of our surroundings—of those who seem like they’ve changed or are suddenly closed off. Keep an eye out for those who are subliminally asking for help, but may not have the courage to reach out.

For those of you who have been there before, please know there are people in your life who love you more than you love yourself. Remind yourself of this before any malicious thoughts, negative feelings or self-harmful attempts ensue.

You’ve fought back every awful scenario you’ve concocted in your head when your mind was at its darkest. But you never let it win. How do I know? Because you’re still here—heart still beating, blood still pumping, life still living. And it’s going to stay that way.

I’m here to tell you that you are not a burden. You are not an inconvenience. You are deserving of everything good in life. You do NOT need to stay broken. You WILL get better. You can recover. You can heal. You are brave. You’re not alone. No, you are far from it. You are loved and, dammit, you are strong. Stronger than you think.

So, when you fast forward to five years from now, when you’re at your dream job, when you have a family of your own and living the life you’ve always dreamt of, I hope these words resonate within you, reminding you that you never gave up. No, you thrived.


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by Racoba91

Just a wandering soul obsessed with the world,
who is also a hardcore closet pun aficionado.
A somewhat terrified but, on the other hand, thrilled momma-to-be, awaiting this astounding journey to come.
Figuring out how to make something out of this beautiful madness we call "life."

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