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You know it well

You know it well –

the hot shame of rejection

Your vision begins to blur

you’re holding it together

your voice barely shakes

you can play it off

We have different expectations

you never asked me!

did you ever ask?

no one checks in one you

But it’s welling up inside you

here we are again

unloved, uncared for

without a thought

Your cheeks begin to burn

you can’t focus your eyes

your worry your lips,

willing away the flood of emotions

they leak out of your eyes anyway

It’s not that you can’t handle the end

it’s that everything this last week feels like a lie

the kindnesses feel false

the sentiments a slap

You even put on your lingerie tonight

it’s almost humiliating –

the change into your sweats

your dinner plans were canceled

your roommate orders you takeout

This shame is hot

it’s lonely

what happened to the strong woman you knew?

She’s drowning right now

she’s been screaming

she’s tired, forgive her

You feel stupid

you know you’re not

But more than ever,

once again you feel so alone

and you’ve been alone

and you were so happy for so long


The strong woman doesn’t want it

to be alone anymore

she’s tired of being strong

just once

she wants someone to care about her too

You know it well, too

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by mgorbachfoster

Musician. Dog lover. Just a young woman with visions of a better world; bettered through story telling, truth telling, art, music and most importantly, listening. I have a degree in music and love to do absolutely nothing with it by working in the nonprofit sector.

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