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They were as smooth as

the beaming rays that

poked through the

clouds of that November sun.

As familiar as my favorite track

playing on a loop in my

backyard on summer nights.

As inviting as your smile

when you wanted me to

sing along to that song

you used to adore so

much that it became ours.

Even if I hated it with

every ounce in my heart,

I put up with it just

for you.

– lips.


My auburn lips

stained your cheek

as the leaves fell

the afternoon of our

second date.

You held me close on

winter nights as we

watched stand-up.

You stopped picking

flowers from your

backyard as spring

passed us by just to

leave me like a hot

mess under the

summer sunlight.



You didn’t like

the mole on your chin.

You used to say it was

too prominent for

your face and how you disliked

that it contrasted with

your freckled cheeks.

But I thought that

your cheeks were

like a galaxy and

your chin had

the moon.

It’s the first thing I

noticed when

I realized

I liked you.

– face like a universe.


Everyone warned me

about your bitterness

but, as time passed,

I saw the drop

of sweetness that was

buried deep inside.

– You were like a cortado.



Author: Beth Haze
Author Bio: nineteen years old from ba. usually overly caffeinated writing short stories about people she sees on trains. poetry lover.
She’s currently writing about music for Bleached Magazine, publishing poems on her poetry Instagram @hazedsights and preparing to be a junior in college.
Link to social media: Instagram @beluvila | Twitter @bethaze

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