Young Girl

Her feet

Barely touch the ground.

Her heart

Races quickly to the hard, pounding beats.

Her skin

Glistens with dewiness as sweat trickles down.

Her body

Pulsates with excitement and intensity.

Her eyes

Are filled with passion as she moves rhythmically.

Her hands

Come together in a strong, harmonious beat.

Her legs

Move higher and higher in the air.

Her hair

Swings left and right in a synchronized fashion.


The music

The rhythm

The excitement

The intensity

Has this girl

Dancing to her own beat.




Author: Anita Smith
Email: anita.joye.smith@gmail.com
Author Bio: Writer. Editor. Wife. Mother. Lover of Jesus and God. My passion for words began at an early age. I spent hours writing in my diary, thinking of poems and stories to draft. I majored in English in undergrad and grad school and taught on both the high school and university level for several years.
Link to social media or website: Instagram @melaninwomanwriter 


by Harness Editor

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