Your Equal

I am searching for more than equality.
Sometimes love isn’t enough to be together.
I need to be your equal for the sake of my sanity.

I am frustrated enough to know this isn’t round one, this isn’t strike three.
You’ve been taking me for granted.
Maybe deep down you wish there was no you and me.

You expect to be crowned without making a mark.
But you fail to realize a king is stronger with a queen beside him.
Please reconsider putting your pride aside and let me help you with this part.

Let me be your rainbow after the storm.
Be there for you through thick and thin.
Let me help you connect with everything that is calm.

If I can’t help you to improve then maybe I need to take a step back.
It would be a powerful house if you let me in.
If you prefer to do this alone I will gather my feelings and go pack.

by Crissy DXCII

A married, mother of a baby boy. Love writing poetry and drawing. I hope to excel in both areas.


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