Your Mini Guide to an Amazing Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s day is almost around the corner, and if you don’t really know how to get ready without any fuss, don’t worry – we’re here to help you out. Here is our useful guide to an amazing Valentine’s Day, so check it out and plan everything like a real pro. Enjoy!

How to pick an appropriate venue?

There’s a variety of venues you can pick for your date, from romantic restaurants and movie theatres (that follow proper safety precautions) to some slightly unconventional places like bowling alleys or karaoke bars. Of course, your choice should depend on how well you know your Valentine so that both of you feel as comfortable as possible.

Needless to say, a date night in a lovely restaurant will always do the trick, as well as having a couple of drinks in your favorite bar or seeing a new movie together. You can even opt for a zoo, as some of these actually have special events on this day for everyone interested in this kind of a date.

What outfit should I opt for?

One of the major concerns for all the girls out there is their Valentine’s Day outfit, especially if you decide to go to your local theater or a slightly formal dinner. In that case, we can say that you can’t go wrong with an iconic little black dress. Find the one that fits your body shape, and be sure that it’s neither too long nor too short – knee-length will work just fine.

Accessorize with some classy jewelry, like crystal earrings and an elegant bracelet, slip into your favorite stilettos, grab your stylish clutch, and voila – you’re all done! On the other hand, casual dates won’t require such outfits. So pick something casual instead.

Women’s fashion is so versatile these days. It gives you many options – from romantic and feminine silhouettes, like girly dresses and cozy cardigans, to more edgy looks that include bold denim jackets, a good pair of jeans, and printed t-shirts. Just don’t forget to adjust your clothing combo to the venue, and you’ll be more than fine.

How to choose proper makeup?

Once you’re done with taking fashion advice, it’s about time you chose your perfect makeup look. The rule says that less is more, so you surely won’t make a mistake if you opt for a natural one. Just one coat of foundation will be enough to even out your complexion, and don’t forget to add a touch of concealer to cover those dark circles under the eyes. Apply bronzer from the temples to your cheeks to warm up your face a little bit, and then a little bit of blush for a healthier look.

Don’t forget your favorite highlighter since it’ll help you accomplish a healthy glow. At least two coats of mascara are an absolute must, as well as a lip balm. Be sure not to use intense lipsticks, like red and coral ones, because there will probably be a lot of kissing, and you don’t want your date to end up with your lipstick all over his face!

What kind of present should I get for my Valentine?

The last thing you should take care of is Valentine’s gift for your date, and your choice should depend on how well you know him. If you’re dating for a long time, you surely know his preferences and personal taste, which is always a good thing you should definitely take advantage of.

Making a DIY present is also a good idea, especially if you are quite skillful when it comes to handicrafts, so put your skills to good use. A candle with your initials can be a great idea, as well as heart-shaped bath bombs, which are more than cute. Something relaxing like a homemade bath salt is also great. You won’t make a mistake whichever you pick.

As you can see, getting ready for your perfect Valentine’s Day date can really be a piece of cake. Just be sure you follow our tips, and you’ll nail everything in the blink of an eye!

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