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You’re Better Than To Settle

I settled.

I knew I was settling and my friends and family told me I was settling and honestly my ex husband knew I was settling and then 11 years later I was sitting in the mess of the divorce wondering why it didn’t work.

We force love, often. Because we “need” our first significant other and we need to be engaged and we need to be married. We need perfect selfies and family photos and faux perfection and social media validation.

But that’s all a façade. And it ends in broken promises, broken love, broken relationships, and broken marriages.

What we REALLY need is understanding, acceptance, trust, and honesty.

Everyone wants to present themselves as something and someone they’re not and then spends their relationship in an argument about the things they hid initially.

I’m anxious, I have bouts of depression, and I’m messy.

I’m also incredibly understanding, I will meet you where you are, and I’m incredibly driven.

Do you know how much easier it would be if people were just raw and honest?

Tell them you don’t like being ignored; it’s a trigger for you.

Tell them commitment scares you, because someone broke you.

Tell them if you just want sex.

Tell them if you love them, even if it’s fast.

Tell them if you don’t feel the same, even if it hurts.

It’s better to be honest in the beginning than to feel trapped.

Someone will understand your mental health.

Someone likes running as much as you.

Someone also wants to live in a tiny house (why?!)

Someone will see your faults and love them.

Don’t give up, and please don’t settle.

by Acarrocci

I’m a speech language pathologist, mother, and doctoral student battling mental health and loving everyone because they deserve it!

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