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You’re Too Skinny

I had a feeling a title like “you’re too skinny” would stir up some thoughts. Hello beautiful women of Harness; I hope you’re all feeling strong, motivated,  and ready to read! I decided to put my thoughts into a blog about BODY IMAGE. Controversial, I know, but something I think that needs talked about. This blog is not going to be too personal of an experience… though I decided to write this article about, and title it after, an experience I had. Age is but a number in certain situations and in my short time on this wonderful planet earth I’ve learned to ignore most comments said to me… that being said while at a store the other day a woman looked at me and said ” You’re too skinny” and I’ve yet to have it leave my mind.

So let’s start with this… No matter what your body type, YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL; but me saying that is one thing–you have to believe it for yourself. What’s it going to take to make YOU believe it for yourself? Sit down, grab your wine, and enter your thoughts… What do YOU want? What makes YOU feel good? Whether you feel better being curvy, slender, buff, natural, surgically enhanced and everything in between… what makes you feel beautiful? It’s no secret it takes work to accomplish this… why? It takes work to be a healthy human. I always here the saying “We always want what we can’t have.”  Why not make it “To work for what we can achieve.” We were ALL made different for a reason. We ALL have problem areas, we ALL have a best feature, as long as we’re happy and healthy and look the way that makes us feel good then why tear each other down? Why tear ourselves down?

I want to acknowledge most body types… shout out style. SHOUTOUT to the curvy girls, with juicy booty’s, hourglass type figures, and confidence to flaunt it against the mainstream media. Kudos to you. SHOUTOUT to the slender girls, with long, sleek, tight bodies, and the capability to wear all clothes. Kudos to you. SHOUTOUT to the fit girls, with abdominal muscles, sweet flexed muscles, and discipline to reaching goals. Kudos to you. SHOUTOUT to enhanced girls, whatever you enhanced looks perfect, you aren’t less of a person, thanks for breaking the stigma on plastic surgery. Kudos to you. SHOUTOUT to all girls. Everyone of you is unique, beautiful, and made with purpose. Love yourself. There is only one you. Kudos to us. Envy each other in a positive light, not in self loathing. Envy Kim K and Beyonce curves, while looking like Mila Kunis, with the ability to joke like Amy Schumer.

Lets be honest, most woman at some point or another have looked in the mirror and had negative thoughts run through their head. I feel as if that’s a normal outcome to fluctuating hormone levels, a crazy day, and petty girls; but hormones and the stars aligning to make a day every once in awhile hard is something we as woman can’t control… but what we can control are our comments. Now we’re going to get real right now– I’m not saying some people aren’t prettier than others, or that being unhealthy shouldn’t be acknowledged. That’s life and a different topic of discussion. I’m saying as women who know what it’s like to have some random person input their petty thoughts upon you, we collectively as women, should stop. When you’re a judge for America’s next top model then you can tell someone they’re overweight, or when you’re a nutritionist and recognize early stage anorexia you can tell someone they’re too skinny. For all the possible occurrences in between, let’s just not pose an attack on other women’s self confidence unless our opinion is asked. Let’s make a pact, as women who wish to empower, that for all the women who are healthy (big, or small) to lift each other up, encourage, and help each other feel beautiful… DEAL.

Love you all.




Author: Olivia Minamyer
Email: oliviajominamyer@gmail.com
Author Bio: Beauty Advocate, professional animal petter, lowkey coffee addict, lover of all things different.

Aspiring to Inspire.


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